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Machiventa 03-31-2010 05:59 PM

Correctly link albums to the zune social with Zune Social Tagger!

Scenario: You buy a new album thats just been released in the shops, take it home, rip it and add it to the zune software. You use find album info to link it to your social page but it doesn't find it! You check the zune marketplace to see that the album you just bought is on there but why isnt it linking to this album? This has frustrated me for months and many plays of albums ive bought have gone unlinked. I hoped that the latest release of the software would change this but it didnt.

So I decided to write a piece of software to do this myself.

What it does is searches the zune website for the album you want linking and updates the songs ID3 Tags.

The application is still in beta, so I would highly recommend backing up the album(s) you want linking before using this program.

.NET Framework 3.5
Internet Connection


Any questions email me at leetreveil at gmail

2.0 now available!

I have finally finished Zune Social Tagger 2.0!

It needs to be installed into the zune directory, otherwise you will get an error.

This version integrates the unlinked scanner and the tagger together in one application. It reads the zune database, tells you which albums are unlinked, linked and probably linked to the wrong album.

Any questions please ask, ill be updating the wiki soon.

Thanks, Lee
This 3rd party program is one of the best ones out there. If you have any albums that aren't linking to the Social then look no further.

leetreveil 05-26-2011 03:57 PM

Zune Social Tagger 2.3.3 Released! Download now: https://github.com/leetreveil/Zune-S...gger/downloads

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