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jakeroux 04-15-2010 06:16 PM

Workarounds for Getting Loaded 32GB to Turn On and Work
I'm sure you've all experienced the problem by now - power up your loaded 32GB and get stuck on the welcome screen for at least 30 minutes, then if you're not there to see it actually go to the menu screen when it unfreezes, it goes back to "sleep", only to have to go through the process again. Sound familiar?

Not sure I have the best workaround for this, but while being stuck with my previously abandoned 32GB View while waiting on either the 32GB Cowon J3 or 64GB Zune to hit retail, I discovered that if I connect the View to my PC via USB, it will “eventually” power up (I’d say this usually takes 30 minutes to an hour) to the “Connected” screen with the spinning circular thing, where it stays until you disconnect it. Once disconnected, it goes to the menu screen and can actually be played.

Please let us know if any of you have successfully found any other workarounds for this. BTW, this also seems to work for my 16GB unit, which suffers from the same problem, although it usually doesn’t take quite as long to power up. (Yeah, the “View” pretty much sucked, and I’ve got two of them!)

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