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skatersan 04-21-2010 11:39 AM

who's zen x-fi is working fine
I have read alot on this forum on the x-fi's problems.

but i just whant to know, are there any peaple who had no problems whit there zen x-fi what so ever. or a very litle problem.

cPT.cAPSLOCK 04-22-2010 02:28 PM

I think most people's X-Fi's are working perfectly fine.

The reason you mostly see posts about problems, is because THAT is when people look for solutions (and thus post it on a forum).
Noone will make a topic and say 'Heya, my x-fi is working fine. Thanks for reading' ;)

Several friends of mine and I have one, and they're all working as they're supposed to.

kennypu 06-09-2010 05:23 PM

yeah, mine is still doing fine too, and I've had it almost for 2yrs now. its sad that there are no big mods/hacks available for it yet though -.-. I'll probably move on to the P3, or another rich and nice featured mp3 player soon.

youhei 06-11-2010 04:30 AM

Mine is working perfectly fine, just have an occasional crash.

ToJa92 06-11-2010 08:41 AM

Mine works great, except that I have a small screen cover crack. I don't use it anymore though, I like the sound of my iRiver E10 more. So yeah, it pretty much just lies in a drawer and gather dust. I should probably sell it.

venality 07-29-2010 03:36 AM

Mine still works beautifully. I do with I could hack it more like my phone I flash a new rom on it every few weeks :D

HappyMeal 07-29-2010 06:01 AM

Mine is working great. Though it crashed when is was using the accelarometer lately. But I think that happens quite rare.

col24 08-26-2010 04:46 PM

Mine is still great too, just the battery doesnt last as long as it should?

Zenon 11-03-2010 12:46 AM

Working fine. Requires a reset now and then otherwise fine.

williwm1 12-26-2010 05:24 PM

I've had mine for a year. Great player, a few minor Issue though.

williwm1 12-26-2010 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by col24 (Post 494348)
just the battery doesnt last as long as it should?

I agree, creative way overstated what it could do.

midnight_rocker 12-27-2010 02:49 AM

I've had mine for two years. Never had a single problem with it...maybe the occasional freeze but easily solved.

midnight_rocker 12-27-2010 02:50 AM


Originally Posted by williwm1 (Post 524646)
I agree, creative way overstated what it could do.


Originally Posted by col24 (Post 494348)
Mine is still great too, just the battery doesnt last as long as it should?

My battery lasts up to two-four days depending on how much I use it.

col24 01-05-2011 03:27 PM

Iv timed it to 10 hours radio only, ill try again with the lock on, but everything else is switched off anyway like chrystal and xfi .

col24 01-11-2011 06:04 PM

Well with the lock on my xfi it managed 14 hours of radio over the weekend. so about half of what creative claim. Im going to try mp3 music only next time, we will see how that goes.

col24 07-28-2011 02:14 PM

Sorry its taken me so long to get back, but work ect. Anyway I get about the same with mp3 playback as the radio, and as I listen to mine most of the day at work I have to charge every night, 12 hour shifts see. My own bugbare is the radio doesnt seem to hold the radio signals very well, is there another way to improve reception as Iv come to love listening to radio 2 all day, except saturdays, not keen on dermot oleary as he tends to do music thats not really my thing. Cheers all.:)

TheLittleGuy 01-22-2012 03:50 PM

Mine died 2 days after the warranty ran out. Over. Dead. Fin. Nothing.
Any suggestions?

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