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octopusenvy 05-04-2010 09:48 PM

x5l not responding to Reformat or Reset
Firstly, gday from New Zealand!

Ive only seen one of these X5 mp3 players here, and it was only the 20gb. I have been using my 30gb X5L for nearly 5yrears now, and still love it. The battery is still good, and i have repaired the headphone jack once last year.

The problem i have has just started from nowhere and im hoping some techxpert can help me! I was listening to the unit fine in my car, then home to recharge it. The unit works fine as a USB mass storage still. But when i go to use it as an mp3 player and just listen, it freezes during the powerup, then goes to a random song in the player and shows full volume. I cant use any buttons on the side or the main button, and the response is always the same: it goes back to the albums list, starts scrolling down at speed, and then the screen goes off (timer of backlight) and i cannot get any response. Its still playing the song (incidentally not at full volume, just shows 40 on screen).

I have tried to reformat and reload the firmware. Same problem. Its a long process so im just trying to avoid having to send it away. IT IS WORKING, but sort of autonomously, and wont respond to its buttons or commands. How rude!

Any ideas? Anyone else experienced this? Im really keen to keep this unit running, as its been a great one for long play and good quality sound. cheers in advance for any help! jef

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