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indieaz 05-30-2010 11:57 AM

Lun0 locked/unlocked
History: View began randomly locking/powering down. Things got worse, to point where i'd get blue ring of death, but occasionally would power up. Formatted flash, nothing improved. Finally reached point where I can only get in recovery mode and not boot.

Was about to order new player. Went to throw away view, but figured i'd recycle battery. Opened up and discovered battery is bloated. I'm guessing this was the root of my problem. However, my last attempts to resurrect this thing several weeks back included me using recovery mode to try and upgrade/downgrade firmware.

I'm now attempting ot do this without hte battery installed, and after copying new firmware files and unmounting the device seems stuck in this endless "LUN0 LOCKED LUN0 UNLOCKED" loop. Anyone seen this?

If i attempt to boot device normally regular I get blue ring of death, unless i hold down home key while powering on in which case I get teh sansa welcome screen, then blue ring of death. I suspect my firmware is hosed from previous upgrade attempts.

Figured i'd check here before abandoning and ordering new unit...i can always replace battery for $25 (much cheaper than new player).

indieaz 05-30-2010 12:20 PM

UPDATE: I booted into windows and the LUN message stopped appearing...instead I got messages about errors reading from media. So I formatted the 16MB-FORMAT drive, and put firmware on again. This time it appears to have worked and now the devices boots up and I can browse all my music. =)

Now I might just go ahead and buy a new battery.

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