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xgristle 06-15-2010 12:18 AM

Wmp 11 doesnt detect walkman
hi, i'm not tech savvy so whatever reply you guys are posting,i'd really appreciate if its in simple language.

i bought a sony walkman b series 142F yesterday and for the first time i plugged it into my pc there was no response. i waited for nearly 5 minutes and then i noticed the found new hardware thingy. in the device manager(i'm using xp) under portable devices there was something called mtp dvice with an exclamation mark in a yellow circle. other than that nothin happened. i looked for storage device in my computer but nothin was there. i opened wmp 11 and there was nothing under the sync tab.

so i searched some forums and i found a solution. just as they said i updated my driver,selected advance options,search from drivers and then there was a list with 1.mtp device
2.usb mass storage device. i selected usb mass storage device, bingo a removable drive appered in my computer. i cud then copy music files to it just like a pendrive. the walkman worked just fine.it was being charged.everything was okay.

but the problem was that when i opened wmp 11 and looked under the sync tab it showed "connect a deviec" meaning walkman wasnt detected by wmp 11. i'd really like to use wmp11 for transfer and someone pls pls pls give me a soln..............pls pls


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