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CaptainCookie 06-16-2010 10:00 AM

Just bought an M1, where to look for content?

Since my P3 was stolen a few days ago on vacation, I bought an M1 to replace it. Expecting my M1 to arrive tomorrow, I have some questions.

- Is it correct that the newest firmware is v1.29?
- Are there websites with special content (like UCI's) for the M1, like there were for the P3?
- Any other things I need to know about this player?

Thanks in advance :).

lebellium 06-16-2010 11:42 AM

-There is a sticked thread. Not so many UCIs because there are not many M1 UCIs developers.

CaptainCookie 06-17-2010 05:12 PM

Ok, I need to update my player then (currently v1.23). I found the sticky thread, but all the links are dead. Did someone mirror those, or is anyone willing to reupload them somewhere else?

lebellium 06-17-2010 05:35 PM

GMP3 servers are never dead, we have the best servers in the world, really :)

Try again, links do work perfectly ;)

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