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souljacker 06-27-2010 04:32 PM

Zen X Fi 'malfunctioning' and not resetting
Hi I have tried to plug my Zen X Fi in to my PC, and get an error from Windows saying that "the device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it". The player comes on, and the little light on it goes from green to red, but is otherwise working as normal, except for instead of saying "1/1" (tracks, when there is only 1 track on it by whichever artist) it keeps switching to "1/50". I have tried pushing in the reset button, it just doesn't seem to work. I push it in, the player switches off. When I switch it back on, it just goes back to how it was, with the last played track up as 1/50 and when I plug it in to the PC again it repeats itself. I have managed to get it to rebuild the library maybe 3 times after pressing reset, but with no change. No idea why this is happening, reset had always worked in the past but now seems to be doing absolutely nothing. Anyone know what it causing it/if it can be fixed? Thanks :)

souljacker 06-27-2010 04:56 PM

Ok, ignore this post. I tried a different cable, and this seemed to solve everything! Rather annoying, but there you go.

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