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lestatar 07-07-2010 04:43 PM

FuzeV2, RockBox and battery life...
Mods: Suggest making this a sticky perhaps so people can add their own results in a central, single thread? Would help users as well as interested RockBox developers perhaps...
Fuze V2
Rockbox Build r26906-100618
Battery Bench Result: 20:43:22

As recommended by RockBox, the test was conducted using a single album, set to loop, leaving the device alone and accessing the backlight as little as possible. No EQ, but CrossFeed and CrossFade active and Bass/Treble adjustments were set. Started from battery that was 99% charged. Volume was left at -15db.

Source was Dream Theater's Black Clouds & Silver Linings [Disc1], LAME 3.97 V2

Will try same thing using OF Fuze firmware tonight for comparison and curiosity.


saratoga 07-07-2010 07:45 PM

You should probably put your results here rather then on the forums:


lestatar 07-07-2010 11:05 PM

Thanks Saratoga, was planning on doing that as well. Simply thought it might be useful here as a thread, though perhaps a bit redundant.


lestatar 07-09-2010 04:03 PM

Have posted Fuze v2 Battery Life results on the RB SansaRuntime Wiki. Seems the battery on my Fuze is pretty OK. Here are the results for both tests for those interested here on ABi but perhaps not RockBox:

Fuze V2 with RockBox r26906-100618
Crossfeed/Crossfade defaults enabled, No EQ, some Bass/Treble tweaks, volume at -15dB. V2 LAME album source set to infinite repeat. Minimal interaction with the device during testing.
Battery Bench Result: 20h:43m:22sec

Fuze V2 Original FW 02.02.26A
EQ enabled. Volume set at first setting under max volume range, approximately 2/3 [sorry don't know how else to describe it]. V2 LAME album source set to infinite repeat. Minimal interaction with the device during testing.
Total Running Time Till Battery Exhausted: 22h:13m

Draw whatever conclusions you wish from this non-definitive test. :-)

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