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Inertia 09-18-2010 12:13 PM

Playlists in Creative Zen MX

it might be an old problem now. sorry for this.

i recently bought a creative zen mx. i'm cool with nearly all stuff, but not with playlists.

firstly i do not want to use creative centrale.

i tried to sync the player with windows media player 11. the songs were transferred to the player but when it came to syncing the playlists, nada. wmp transferred the songs but not the playlists. it did not took long for me to understand that MX did not support the wpl format.

so i tried save as.. m3u the same playlist and manually transferring it to the player's playlist folder. did not work.

i tried winamp for sync, but it did not do any good either.

mediamonkey transferred the playlist but the device shows the playlist as empty.

i tried some more tricks on playlists, i even tried creative centrale but it did not work. never mention the freezes in the program.

so please tell me a simple way to sync my playlists with the player. i preferably use wmp for managing my music, so i'd like to use it in syncing with the MX but i'm also cool with winamp. i'm fed up now.

thanks in advance.

Brett_val 09-20-2010 09:50 AM

Hi Inertia, welcome to ABi:)

Syncing playlists to MSC devices has always been a problem as far as I know. I'm not sure if there is a simple way to sync existing playlists to the player, but at least you can recreate them on the player in a few steps.

The .m3u file contains "links" to the songs, you can see this when you open the m3u file in a text-editor like Notepad. The problem is that these links refer to locations on your harddrive, and if you copy everything to the player all these links do not work.
An MTP player should take care of that, but the Zen MX is an MSC device so it doesn't..

To workaround this issue, you can rebuild your playlists with songs that are already on the player, so that the "links" are correct. I'm not very familiar with WMP so I'll use Winamp as an example;
- connect the player to the pc, open it in Explorer and browse to the songs you want in the playlist.
- open winamp, and drag all the songs to the "playlist" window.
- when done, click "save as playlist", then browse to the "playlist"-folder on your Zen and save it there.

This should create an m3u file with correct "links" in it.

To make this process a little easier you could copy all the songs from a playlist to one folder, that would make it easier to drag everything to winamp in one time.
I don't know of any easier way, if anyone else does I hope they chime in and inform you about it :)

lestatar 09-20-2010 01:09 PM

Hey Inertia...I sound a bit like a broken record but...

I have several older Creative devices I still love. I manage them all 100% completely using MTP protocol in Win with Winamp, as Brett_val alludes to.

Playlists are a no brainer right click away. Device/song/file management is a no brainer. And yes, like Brett_val, I believe for sure that playlists under MSC mode is usually problematic.

Give Winamp a shot - what have you got to lose? The free full version is all you need....

Inertia 11-02-2010 09:03 AM

sorry for the late answer, thanks, I'm going to give that a try now.

chrisjj. 04-20-2011 10:10 AM

lestatar, on an aside, re your:


Originally Posted by lestatar (Post 501236)
I have several older Creative devices I still love. I manage them all 100% completely using MTP protocol in Win with Winamp

can I ask: have you had success in adding files to the file set already on the device? Here that always causes metadata messup, whether using WMP, MediaMonkey and JR Media Jukebox.

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