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Lagoo56 10-22-2010 09:45 PM

Could my O2 have a bad battery?
Ok,I ordered the last refurbished 32GB Cowon O2 last week from Amazon,I received it on the 21st and it works fine,it didn't come with an AC adapter however I complained to the seller and there is one coming in the mail for me.Now my concern is this,right now I'm using a 500mah USB wall charger to charge it,I know the AC adapter that was made for it is 3000mah but with this wall charger,I have been charging it for about 7 hours now from a dead battery and it only shows 2 bars on the battery icon,should I worry if it has a bad battery? I know this usb wall charger charges it very slowly but should it be this slow? Or is it not taking a charge properly? The light stays red the entire time so I think its charging but I don't know if the battery is really taking the energy:confused:.

stubaz 05-10-2015 08:51 AM

It definitely sounds like a dud battery. I wouldn't recommend using a 500mw charger, but on just one occasion it should be OK. The battery is incapable of taking a full charge and therefore it's only showing a couple of bars.

You will find the power will fade quickly whilst in use and even though you've just charged it to maximum it will be dead after say, overnight.

I'm trying to find the correct battery for my O2 but as the one in the unit is a clone I have no idea of the replacement number or where to buy them.

Just for interest's sake, my battery went very hot when charged with the 3000mw charger and when removed from the O2 it was very pliable. Unfortunately they don't run unless a battery is present, so I'm without my music. dammit!

Good luck with yours Stu

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