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Jukkah 10-27-2010 05:54 PM

Sandisk Sansa - Unknown artist
Now I must think how I will tell this...

First: I was not able to delete anything from Sansa View 16GB, neither using Sansa View nor coputer. Player tried to delete but did not erase songs at all, they were back. And using computer was no good either, every time I tried there was no connection to item. And I tried both Auto detect and MSC -modes, no luck.

Then I decided to format whole thing but that was not good either. Now I have about hundred empty "Unknown artist" or "Unknown album" -files which I can not remove (not from View, not using Windows Media Player), of course those ar empty and do not take space but it is slight awkward to find real files.

However, I can not get files into Viwe anyway, it is extremely random my computer finds it. From "music" I have not been able to move anything to View, from Windows Media Player I could have moved two discs and have now been trying 2,5 hours. In one audiobook I could move discs 1 and 7, for some reason computer and View decided that they won´s accept discs 2-6. And as previously, it is zero difference with MSC/Auto detect. Have also updated firmware, no help.

Any hints?

lestatar 10-27-2010 11:59 PM

hey,,,,try this first for your Unknown Artist problem:

Perhaps your ID3 tags are missing/screwed up...


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