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Meng Bomin 10-31-2010 11:36 PM

Podcast handling
Ever since the 4.7, I seem to have had quite a few more problems with the Zune software's podcast handling. Often I'll find that podcasts that have automatically downloaded mark themselves as "IN COLLECTION", meaning that I have to manually delete them to clear them from my system rather than have them deleted when the number of automatically downloaded podcasts exceed the designated number.

Then, there is a problem with deletion. Half the time when I tell the software to delete a podcast, it claims the podcast deleted but actually doesn't touch the file. My hard drive unexpectedly filled up more than once for this reason. When I dug through the files with WinDirStat, I found that a lot of the space was eaten up by video podcasts that I had thought that I deleted and that the software marked as not present ("DOWNLOAD" was next to their names).

Now, recently, as I've been paying attention, I've noticed that closing and reopening the program seems to affect how effective it is at these tasks. After deleting via the program had no effect, I restarted it and it deleted every other one that it said it had deleted. So perhaps a few more restarts and it will act normally again.

Has anyone else been having this problem?

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