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aqualo 11-02-2010 05:34 AM

E2 - battery problem (self-discharging)
Hi. I fully charged my E2 and leave this player unused on 24 hours. Next I connect E2 to the usb slot in my computer but the player needs to be charged because the LED lights up red for about 12 - 15 minutes and after this time the LED lights up green. When I leave unused E2 for even more time I'll have to charge it even longer. I think that my E2 have a problem with battery self-discharge. Can you tell me if this behavior is normal for E2 or I have faulty player and can I exchange it for a new? Sorry for my bad language. Thanks for your help.

WalkGood 11-02-2010 05:43 AM

That does not seem normal, I would contact cowon support for an RMA.

aqualo 11-03-2010 05:43 AM

Thanks for advice. I will try contact with cowon support.

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