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richteratmosphere 11-05-2010 12:08 AM

creating functional .m3u playlists that are recognized by playlist catalog
Anyone have a method for this that works well?

The one awkward thing about Rockbox on my Clip+ that I've noticed so far is that I cannot easily browse through all of the .m3u playlists already on my Clip+ and play entire playlists this way. From what I read in the Rockbox manual, the .m3u playlists need to be contained in the /playlists directory in the root directory of the Clip+'s disk. I've tried to save .m3u playlists via Mediamonkey, and when I attempt to copy tracks from my MicroSDHC card to a playlist on Mediamonkey, the tracks don't paste. When I tried to create .m3u playlists using Tag&Rename and then save them to the /playlists directory, afterward, when I click on these playlists after choosing the view catalog option in the playlist menu on my Clip+, no songs load.

By using the files method, I can navigate to the specific folder, scroll down, and click on the playlist for that particular folder, and it loads correctly, but this is a pretty cumbersome method to use.

What am I missing here?

A solution to this problem would be appreciated.

dongadoy 11-05-2010 08:28 AM

If you want the playlist to show up in the Playlists >> View Catalog menu, you need to put it in the /playlists folder. But otherwise playlists can be put anywhere on the filesystem, and you can get to them using the Files menu, and just select them to play them.

richteratmosphere 11-05-2010 08:35 AM

Right. I already tried to move the playlists to the /playlists folder, but when I click on those playlists, no songs load. I'm thinking that I might need to edit the playlists so that they explicitly refer to the particular directories that the files are in on my Clip+. That would be very cumbersome to have to manually edit each playlist using a text editor before they could be recognized by Rockbox. I'm going to experiment with that when I get back from work today. Basically, I'd just like to find a way that the Clip+ with Rockbox would automatically recognize all .m3u playlists and integrate them all from the internal drive and the MicroSDHC drive. If I have to use the files menu, it takes much longer to navigate through the folders and to have to navigate through the internal or MicroSDHC drive separately and to have to remember whether or not a particular album is on the internal drive or the MicroSDHC drive to know where to navigate to. It would be much more user friendly if all of the playlists were integrated in one alphabetical list, like they are when you browse playlists using the original Sansa Clip+ firmware.

dongadoy 11-05-2010 09:05 AM

Read how simple a playlist .m3u file is on wikipedia. It's just a text file with basically just a list of file paths. The paths can be absolute or relative to the .m3u file. If your playlist has songs from only one disk (i.e. you only use the Clip+ internal drive), just tell your playlist creator software to use relative paths. If you want a playlist that spans multiple disks, like the internal and microSD disks on a Sansa Clip+, you need to use absolute paths.

But absolute paths are different depending on the OS. In Rockbox, they start with the root folder "/"; in Windows, they start with a drive letter like "C:\". This is a major problem with creating a playlist in one system (Windows) and trying to use it in another system (Rockbox).

Create the playlist using Rockbox itself and it will work great in Rockbox. But creating a playlist using Rockbox is cumbersome - it's so much easier using a regular display, keyboard, and mouse.

So create a playlist in Windows and use a text editor to tweak the playlist. I used Mp3Tag in Windows. Then I loaded the m3u file into a text editor, and I replaced "F:\" with "/" and "G:\" with "/<microSD1>/". (On my system, Windows mounts the Clip+ internal drive to F: and microSD to G:.) I'm sure this can be scripted so it's just a click away.

dongadoy 11-05-2010 09:30 AM

Now I understand some of what you're looking for. That would be an interesting option. I don't see Rockbox actually moving the files. Instead, maybe the Playlist menu is dynamic and optionally lists playlists from everywhere.

It definitely will not work for everyone because everyone has their own way of naming playlist files. For example, some people may give their playlist files the same name, relying on the folder hierarchy to tell them what's in the file.

Wouldn't it be fun to write a LUA script that would copy the playlist files for you while adjusting the file paths in the playlist files? I'll let someone else enjoy that task. :-)

richteratmosphere 11-05-2010 06:19 PM

Thanks for the input dongadoy. I'll experiment with your suggestions this weekend.

overkill94 09-24-2012 08:29 PM

Anybody figure this one out yet? I'm used to creating a playlist in Windows Media Player and being able to sync it directly to the player, but obviously it's not that simple with Rockbox.

skip252 09-25-2012 01:11 AM

Welcome to ABi

WMP hasn't changed so there's no solution to having that software sync .m3u playlists. It will move the files but won't create the playlist on the player as part of it's sync process, iirc.

Properly setup MusicBee, MediaMonkey and Winamp can. They are all free. Winamp and MediaMonkey come feature limited but will still sync playlists in the free version.

If you using Rockbox and are willing to make your playlists from files on the player, any software that can make a .m3u playlist will do, even WMP. Drag the files into the playlist pane in WMP and save the playlist back to the player as a ,m3u. If the playlist has files from both memories, saving it to the root of the external memory makes a playlist that works with no further editing.

woo 11-27-2012 07:24 PM

Very useful information
I meet the same issue with my Clip Zip, and refer to the description wrote by dongadoy, I created playlist via Foobar2000 and changed the path, then play it successfully.

thanks for your sharing!:)

mamamia88 11-27-2012 08:07 PM

They don't need to be contained in any particular directory to work in rockbox. They just have to contain the correct path to file. I personally just use a program called clementine to create playlists. If i were you i'd just create a separate folder for them. Plug in your player make sure you add the songs from the player and not your computer to the playlist and then export it. Pretty simple

skip252 11-27-2012 09:15 PM

Rockbox isn't a static project. This thread was started before the ability to use any directory as the playlist catalog directory was an option in Rockbox. The the playlist would play from any location, it just didn't show in the Playlist Catalog. Notice the name of the thread

creating functional .m3u playlists that are recognized by playlist catalog
The issue that richteratmosphere had with needing to use the File Browser to locate his playlists was resolved long ago. All you need to do is designate any folder as the Playlist Catalog Directory and save to the directory you designated. When you open the Playlist Catalog the saved playlists will be listed. It wasn't like that when the thread started.

The same thing applies to being able to use the root of the external card as a directory that creates playlists than span both memories. You can designate the root of the external card as the Playlist Catalog Directory. When you use a program like foobar2000 can use files from both memories and save to the root of the external card. The playlists will be seen when you open the Playlist Catalog. The playlists also work with no further file path correction needed.

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