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atomic 12-06-2010 09:41 AM

Loading video on 32gb
Ok need info on what I am doing wrong? First just got a new zune. I like it. The HD radio was one of the main reasons for me. But I had these old videos that I had converted and were stored in a folder on desktop.

So when I told the zune to notice these folders in the settings, it went in and loaded them thus they played no problem. But now I went and tired to convert a video that I had and load it into my zune. These new videos were put in a different folder. I added this folder to the selections in the setting section on the zune software, but it did not see them. I do know that these new videos will play on my laptop.

I somehow got these videos into my collection, I then right clicked on the video and told it to sync with player. The player icon said loading and 1 new file added but I can not see them on my player? What is wrong or what did I do wrong? Are they just in my collection and still need to be added to player even when I had dragged it to player icon? I am not the most techie person in the world. I got to one point but cannont get them either loaded on player? Any suggestions. I am at work now. So probably might not be able to respond until later today for any comments.

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