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FeatherZ 12-13-2010 11:06 AM

The gremlins in my T10, story and Q
This is the short but confusing story of what happened when I botched the switching of my T10 from 3.06 MTP to 3.07 MSC (what was I thinking).

I whipped up tcctool (a tool I used in the past with no trouble), and tried to get it on its feet again, but instead struggled to get it to upgrade its firmware and generally work correctly again.

After many tries I finally gave up. It was only many days later when I picked it up again, and to my surprise it flashed itself correctly as soon as I turned it on.

Happy, I proceeded to load it from zero to full capacity (at some point I had it format itself). All went well, but as soon as it was unplugged and switched back on, it threw up some error on me and promptly stopped working.

Once again I left it alone for a couple weeks, well today I turn it on and -guess what? all of my music is there and the player works flawlessly.

My best guess ATM is that the player sorts of overheats when it is left connected to the PC for some time but then again, it seems weird as in 2 years I've never had any of this drama and it wasn't even the first time I upgraded the firmware and played with tcctool.

Do you think there's something wrong with my player?

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