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ZuneHD 12-18-2010 09:05 PM

Major Issue With Zune Software
Hey everyone, just ran into a big issue with my Zune program and need some help.

Just the other day the program was working fine, but today it's giving me an error. When I launched the program it would give me the zune launcher window and eventually bring up the whole thing. After that it would freeze and a windows error message would pop up telling me to either close the program or search for answers online (the latter option did nothing). First thing I did was go to the zune website and redownload the zune software. After installing and launching it again the same problem almost happened. Instead of the software freezing it still functioned correctly, but the error message came up. I suppose I could just drag the error message away, but it is very annoying and I can't figure out why it say's it stopped working, yet it functions perfectly fine.
EDIT: Although it works I notice that it lags a lot now. Just about everything from the menus, to the screensaver mode, to resizing the program itself all lag more than normal.

If I uninstalled the zune software and reinstalled it would my zune pass songs get deleted?

Thanks for any help!

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