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StretchArm 01-04-2011 03:52 PM

Archos 43 Avail for 157 in Uk
Not sure if anyone looking out an Archos 43 16gb in the uk has noticed it's currently 157 at Dixons.


It was 153 but as the vats gone up so has the price, it's still way cheaper than other places.

I was unsure if they really had any as it disappeared from the site for a while, but appeared again and bought one on Sunday night. It arrived today. :D

sid adams 01-04-2011 05:38 PM

What do you think of it? Anything you got to compare it to?

StretchArm 01-04-2011 07:19 PM

Still playing, no wifi at the moment so cannot really play with browsing and apps.

Updated firmware via usb just fine.

Took a couple of calibrations before the touch screen was working correctly, but that was probably because I did it really quick the 1st time.

Added music, videos and photos just fine, used a microsd card.
Takes a while to update the library and thumbnails, but you can still use the device.

On problem I've found so far is I cannot tether to my Blackberry 9700 :-(
Looking at archosfans forum I think I'm not alone.

I've owned a Sansa e260 for many years with both the original os and rockbox. I listen to mainly music and audio podcasts.
I've borrowed both itouch 1st gen and iphone 4.
I think the touch screen is better on those, but multi touch is not important to me and the archos touchscreen is fine for my needs.

The music player is missing a couple of features (unless I've not found them yet) like bookmarking in audio podcasts and last.fm logs, but I'm certain those are will be available in other android apps.

Basically these features made me pick the archos
  • microsd expansion
  • works with Mediamonkey (simple removable drives)
  • decent sound quality
  • wifi browser (with flash when I get around to downloading it)
  • big screen for videos
  • flexibility of android
  • phone tethering

so far only the last one has let me down, but it's not major and is the sort of thing that might get figured out in the future.

Other things I've noticed Microsd card swapping is a bit fiddly as you need to use a nail to push it in well otherwise it pops out again. Also it has to update the library if you swap cards. However it's still way faster than my old e260

Still early days but so far happy with my purchase.

StretchArm 01-06-2011 07:30 PM

I've now cranked up my Wifi and have now played with the browser, downloaded some apps.

I could not connect at 802.11n, but I've sure I read this is a know issue. Hopefully it'll be fixed in the next firmware.

Check this great summary of setting up archos internet tablets

This shows you how to do many things including setting up Flash, Android Market and Youtube.

It's a little annoying that the market isn't installed as standard as there are so many useful apps here and some may not want to install a workaround.

All these work well and I've also now got access to the bbc iplayer.

I like the browser, it's far better than other mobile browsers I've used with the exception of the iphone, but is on a par with that one.

Other browsers like opera mini are also available.

Being new to android I'm almost overwhelmed by the things I can now do with my media player. Got games, gmail, maps, pdf viewer, podcast manager, internet radio etc etc etc.

I was a bit sceptical about getting a 43 when the 1st round of user reviews and comments came out as they seemed to suggest that this was a dud product. I'm not sure why though as I've been nothing but impressed.
It's far exceeded my expectations for a media player. I love it!!! :D

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