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Greg_E 01-19-2011 12:16 AM

Bluetooth audio receivers and 43
So I just dug out my cheapo bluetooth headphone adapter that I got for about $12, after remembering what I had to do on the thing to put it into pairing mode, it's paired. Sound is decent considering the price, audio is good without a bunch of extra re-encoding noise, and the track forward and back mostly work. When you go back or forward is starts the song a couple seconds in so you miss at least the first second. If I use the buttons on the player it goes to the real beginning of the track... Must be a bluetooth oddity, just really happy it works because now I can have wireless connection to my hearing protectors when I'm running a loud machine tool (hopefully)!

This is the receiver, if you look around you should be able to get it for about $20USD (or less) including shipping:
And for those that need decent hearing protection for loud work areas:
It has a built in audio limiter which is pretty crude and sounds harsh so it might not be a great combination and I might need to refine things a bit and maybe even gut the electronics out to remove the limiter. I have been running them with an audio compressor and a long cable but that sucks. And there are a couple really strong FM signals nearby that make using my FM transmitter pointless. So the bluetooth might be just another failure, have to try and it find out.

The really encouraging thing is that the audio sounds good, so now I'm not afraid to buy an expensive BT system for my motorcycle helmet! For those interested, I'll probably go with a BlueAnt F4 Interphone which WebBikeWorld rated as really good:
The alternative is the really expensive system that is designed to fit in my Schuberth helmet, but they want crazy money for that system.

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