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uncompressedPCM 02-02-2011 08:45 AM

file organization FLAC and MP3 for Zune software
Hey guys I'm 80% done with ripping my audio CDs to FLAC.

I plan on using the Zune software for my library.

What I'd like to know is for the people who have their archives in FLAC (and have already done the ID3v2 tags with artwork for their FLACs):

1.How have you organized your FLACs and your MP3s on your audio harddrive?

2.Do you physically keep all your FLACs and MP3 on different HDD or partitions?

3. Since Zune will not play FLAC files does it just not play the FLAC files [I'm not sure if it even 'sees' the FLAC files] and they should be kept within the same folder with the MP3s?

I plan on using BoncENC to create LAME V4 encoded MP3s from the FLACs before using the Zune 4.7 software on Windows XP SP3 to manage my library.
I haven't downloaded and installed the Zune 4.7 software yet. I wanted to get my FLACs done and ID3v2 tags done first.

for a portable player I'll plan on using Zune via a Windows Phone 7 unit.

Cruleworld 02-02-2011 12:22 PM

Zune won't even see the flac files so it is up to you what you do besides that.

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