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Derpy 02-25-2011 08:37 PM

Old X-Fi Vs the new Style. Which one?
I'm about to buy a new one since my old Zen broke, and I was thinking about the Zen X-Fi, but I noticed they made a new one called X-Fi Style.

Now, the first one is only available refurbished for 69€, and the new one is available new for 79€. To me, it looks like the OLD one is better, because it has a slightly bigger screen (2.5 vs 2.4), better included headphones (EP 830 vs the usual ones), and in my opinion a better look. Also, it has 9 buttons, I don't know what's the point, but I think more buttons is always a good thing.

But, I heard that the new one has improved X-Fi features and just sounds better.

Which one should I buy? The old one or the new one? It seems that, unless the new one sounds better, the old one is the better deal.

Any opinion would be much appreciated.

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