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gsja_br 03-12-2011 05:58 PM

Video compatibility for CLIX2

Inherited a CLIX 2 4mb (2.00US) from my wife who now has an IPOD. For media, I love the Clix and the case and strap lanyard that came with it is perfect with my earphones . IPODS are a little bulky to hang around ones neck. Previous device was an IPacer and my HP PDA which I have to pocket with a long extension to my earphones. Neither is even close to the CILX2 for audio quality.

Problem I am having is with video. I've purchased programs from IOrgSoft that convert video formats to AVI. Two of the three are specific to IRIVER players, the other is general and will convert virtually any format, including my Samsung video camera, to any other format. The software is easy to use, inexpensive and works really well.

The issue is that when I convert a video file, say a wmv or MPEG-4 to the CLIX2's format (avi) as recommended by the O&M manual, it will not play. As I'm uploading a converted file, I get a message that the format
may not be compatible with my device. There are two avi video files that came on the CLIX2. Both play beautifully. I've checked the properties of these two files against converted files. The only difference is that the two files on the device list a a video frame rate of 0 fps. The converted files default to 30 fps as specified in the manual.

Iriver's V3 software does not work with the CLIX2. I've uploaded the video files directly, with WMP and even with Winamp. Winamp works great with the CLIX2. Apparently there is a firmware upgrade (2.01?), but I can't seem to upload it to the CLIX2, even with Iriver V2 software. Do I need this upgrade?

I really to prefer watching video with the CLIX2 rather than carrying around my old HP pda which plays movies (converted to wmv) from a 2gb SD card. CLIX2 is a smaller and more elegant device, has enough storage and is much simpler to deal with on the road. And that strap is really convenient when listening to audio.

Thanks in advance for your input.

cowoniriver 11-22-2011 07:55 PM

Sorry, i did'nt read this before,maybe i'm late
Get any freeware videoconverte that handless .avi with DIVX or XVID as a video codec.
Set the framerate to "original" , the resolution to 320x240 THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
And use mp3 as audio codec, with 44.100hz sampling freq.
Use 320 or 288 as bitrate for video and 128kbs as audio's bitrate
You can use winx video converter or mediacoder

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