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TOCM19 03-28-2011 02:52 PM

Problems with ID3 and Ubunto

I've just moved over to using Ubuntu, and the one thing I can't get to work is my Zen.

When I plug in my Zen Ubuntu mounts the device like it would a HDD and i'm able to copy files over. However when I remove my Zen and browse my music, the files can't be seen, even though they still register as being present when i plug back in.

What i've noticed is that the files I copied over seem to loose their ID3 tags, but not as I copy them, more after I unplug and re-attach.

ie :

1. I check the ID3 tags on the files I want to copy across and they are there.

2. I copy the files to the device.

3. I check the ID3 tags of the files on the device and they are all there.

4. I unmount the device and look for the files, I cannot see them.

5. I re-plug in my Zen and check the files again, there are no ID3 tags this time.

Does anyone know why my Zen might be clearing out these tags, or what i can do to sort the problem out?

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