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AaronDude 04-23-2011 12:11 AM

Gettin' a Fuze+ how is the battery for movies?
Hi, I'm that vocal A-Hole that buys a MP3 player like every year and then complains about how I wasted so much money on it. :p Anyway I'm pretty happy with my sansa clip+ right now for music. There are only two mp3 players I ever liked the clip+ and the zen micro. They always just got the job done for me without weird bugs. Everything else was a failure for me and I was pretty much out 300 bucks per device. Not that they didn't work for some people but they didn't work for me the way I used them.

I'm rambling again! Anywho what is the battery life for movies on the fuze+? Mine is already coming in the mail. I got mine at amazon for 48 bucks for the 8 gig but I would like to know before I get it. Sandisk claims up to five hours for video, so I'm guessing two and a half hours is a good estimate? My clip+ has always gotten five to six hours of battery life no matter the bitrate of the mp3s or the amount I play with it. I think that is about a third of what sandisk claimed it was? It's good enough for me though.

I know it sounds crazy but I would actually be pretty stoked if I could watch a full two hour movie on it. I do not care that the screen is only a couple inches. I know it supports MPEG4 and 320x240 res. There is a lot of conversion software out there so it wouldn't be a problem for me. On another note I've discovered free software actually works better than paid software. :eek: I've noticed a lot of these paid converters are made by Chinese companys to sell around the world under many different names. Dumb people like me get stung buying many of these only to find out there are many problems. UGGHHH! there I go again off track!. Anyway like I said I would really like to use this to watch movies. Of course music is great too and would probably be my main use for it most of the time. I would really like to think that video viewing would last up to five hours like they said but I'm just hoping it's good enough for one movie if I don't use it for anything else.

switzeroo 05-11-2011 11:40 PM

i have never tested it, but i know that i've watched at least 3 movies on a plane before without it dieing on me.

propagandhi 05-15-2011 06:50 AM

i agree with switzeroo, if its fully charged i find i can get 2+ full movies out of mine. as the battery gets older though that will become less and less(obviously). in my opinion if you let the battery run all the way down before recharging and then charge it all the way to full it will run longer, well longer. also setting the brightness to lower levels help battery life. hope you enjoy your new fuze+

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