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E100 dan 05-02-2011 09:41 PM

Custom E100 icons
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I was trying out a new program (Irfanview, very useful freeware), so I made a couple icons for my E100.
Along with an AUTORUN.ini file, Windows will use them for your player.
Put them, or whichever one you prefer, in the root of your player, and rename one "iriver E100.ico".
In Notepad, paste the following two lines:

icon=iriver E100.ico

and save it to the root directory as "AUTORUN.INI".
I don't know whether all systems will handle it the same way, but every one I've tried (quite a few) has worked. This should work for any other flash drive, portable drive, CD-ROM, etc., with the icon of your choice.

Note: I couldn't load the icons directly as .ico attachments due to forum limitations, so they are .png instead. Rename them as .ico anyway. If you have any problem, please let me know. If you have Irfanview, (or some other, better graphics program) open with that and save as Windows icon, with the black area at the left of the image selected as transparent.

Have fun with it.

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