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lb77 05-24-2011 04:05 PM

mp3 player advice

i am thinging of getting the sony NWZA845B A series player but been looking online and some mixed reviews from various sites.

i want to buy a player thats about 16gb or 8gb if expandable memory. for 130 (my budget)

i am also looking at Cowon i9 16GB 99 at amazon but cant make up my mind.

can you guys please recommend me some players at around that price range?


Just Some Guy 05-24-2011 05:57 PM

This really should be in the general forum, not the Sony A series forum.

But yeah, there are lots of options. You can get the very popular Clip+ with a micro SD card, which can put your into the 40 GB range. Even a 16GB card would get you more than what you're asking for,with lots of room for future expansion.

If you want to stick to Sony, there's the S series, which go up to 16 GB and have all the features that the A series has (and maybe a few more), as well as the E series, which are about the same as the S series, but with a few less options. They all sound good and have great battery life.

Seriously, so many options.

lb77 06-19-2011 11:45 AM

my current player is nw-E016 i like the player good sound compact and can easily change volume and tracks without taking out from pocket. but its only 4gb

i want a 16gb now and amazon & play are selling the a845 109 cheapest ive seen it so far

the clip plus looks cheap and flimsy to me so not too keen on that.

also Cowon i9 16gb is available at 99.

has anyone had both these players? if so which is better


lestatar 06-19-2011 12:04 PM

^ Heya...

First, the Clip+ might not look so great, but pretty much everyone feels it is one tough little player that not only can take a bit of a beating, but also happens to sound quite great/clean. And it is the only 1 of the 3 you mention that supports uSDHC expansion cards. And of course, it is Rockboxable, if you are inclined.

If blind navigation [in your pocket] is important to you, perhaps the i9 is not for you. While it sounds very good and offers great Cowon audio enhancements, the nav is a touchscreen type so I would think pretty tough to control without looking at the device.

The Sony devices are quite great IMO and IME. Since you are familiar with them, perhaps stick with the A845?

Others will reply I am sure :)

CHeers, good luck and let us know what you decide on,

lb77 06-26-2011 09:23 AM

currently thinking of getting either A845 or S755 but cant make up my mind.

is one louder than the other?

how about battery life?

what are the pros and cons?

i like the cowon j3 but its out of my budget so thats a no.

lb77 06-28-2011 06:43 PM

i went ahead and bought the S755 from ebay 93 including postage was that a good deal?

Just Some Guy 06-28-2011 09:38 PM

Based upon various prices, both local and online, and factoring in for the exchange rate, yes, you got a very nice deal. Congrats!

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