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goon 05-26-2011 11:57 AM

nwa 3000 battery change
just wondering if anyone has replaced the battery on their nwa 1000/3000 cos mine doesnt hold charge very well nowadays?

Just Some Guy 05-26-2011 12:50 PM

Maybe it's time for an upgrade? That's a 6 year old player, with not a lot of room on it for music.

Depending upon your budget, you can get a Clip+ 8GB, or if you really like the Sony line, there are the E and S series, which range from 8 to 16 GB.

You get lots more storage, more features, better battery life and they will last for years.

goon 05-27-2011 12:51 PM

no want to keep it if possible great sound and just enough storage,wont buy another sony anyway,my main player is a creative 60 gb its a bit bulky but has removable battery and good sound,certainly dont want a touch/colour screen,may go for a mp3-dab radio combination but havent seen many of these as yet.

Just Some Guy 05-27-2011 02:03 PM

Most modern players have FM reception, and some even have the option to record the FM feed directly to the player. In general, most players have gotten much better overall since then.

Luckily for you, though, replacing the battery doesn't seem to be that hard. Going by what the manual says on pages 83 and 84 (here's the PDF in case you don't have the manual anymore), it's a simple matter of unscrewing a few screwing and pulling a cable. Based upon how it looks, it should be simple.

Good luck, and if you do decide to look into a new player later on, there re lots of people here who will be more than eager to suggest ones for you.

skip252 05-29-2011 05:55 AM

I feel you on this one. My NWZ S639 is still going strong but it's one of the few I've ever had I would seriously think about keeping by replacing the battery.

I've done a bit of googling just using the title of this thread and found some interesting results. There are replacement batteries available mostly in the UK and Europe from what I can find. I see results from both Amazon.UK and eBay.

There's also a number of fix-it-up sites with instructions. Apparently it's not that hard, you just need the right tools and to be careful.

If you do find a supplier and give it a shot let us know. I want to hope that something so spectacular has come along I'll just recycle my S639 but who knows? I may like it just as much then and want to keep it going.

goon 06-24-2011 11:27 AM

dead easy job,just needed small phillips head driver,the new battery even came with a plug on it,12 ish ebay,job done.

skip252 06-24-2011 08:00 PM

Thanks for following up on this. I'll keep this in mind it I my S639 poops out on me. Still going strong now but who knows in a year or so?

renno61 10-14-2011 07:19 PM

change a battery on a sony nwa 3000 ,battery from ebay 7.50 .On the back beneath sony metallic logo is a screw ,you then slide cover down.
unplug the small plug and as i remember 4 small screws.

skip252 10-14-2011 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by goon (Post 560274)
dead easy job,just needed small phillips head driver,the new battery even came with a plug on it,12 ish ebay,
job done.

Perhaps you missed that part when you bumped this thread open? Please don't bump open old threads for no reason.

renno61 10-19-2011 08:57 PM

ok just trying to help other might have same problem?

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