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Stephen Clark 05-27-2011 10:10 PM

Is it worth buying an X5 now?
Hi. I looked at buying an X5 years ago but my wife would not let me spend the cash.
Now that I have a bit spare (3 kids and a move to NZ made be a bit skint) I have found one for sale second hand which seems to have had little use. I could just buy an tiny Ipod instead but I like the idea of reuse in relation to electronic products. I could also splash the cash and buy a ipod touch and wast countless hours playing on silly games when I could be doing something more productive. So I suppose my main question is - Would an X5 link reliably with my new laptop, provide good quality sound and be worth $100NZ.

If you have the time any other reasons why you think this is a good player would also be great.:)

WalkGood 05-27-2011 10:30 PM

This is a question you have to ask yourself. Are you the kind of guy that likes to tinker/mod electronics? For example could you replace the battery if it needed, can you solder? Can you replace the HD or would you feel comfortable doing a CF mod? If the answer is yes and thatís the best price you can find, go for it. But if the answer is no why not look at new players, you donít necessarily need a touch, thereís lots of great new non ipod players Ö

ToJa92 05-28-2011 08:11 AM

Have you looked at Rockbox? That was one of the reasons I bought my X5. I got mine for $100NZ(if you convert my local currency to NZD, that is), it was in mint condition, box and all accessories(except for the dock). Something to consider is that it *only* uses USB1.1, but in turn it got pretty much memory, especially if you consider what new players cost with 30GB(or maybe you're looking at the 20GB version, or even 60GB?).

Either way, I bought it to play music instead of my mobile phone, and it does it nicely(and obviously better audio quality, IMO).

EDIT: Turns out it actually uses USB2.0. It's the USB OTG port which supports 1.1.

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