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Reddlemagne 06-13-2011 02:05 PM

Might be leaving the P3 scene
Hello everyone. Been registered here awhile, but I've rarely posted. Moslty lurked threads for help to questions other have asked. Anyhoo, I think i'm going to end up leaving the P3, and all it's goodness behind. Why the sudden change? Well, for whatever reason, my 32 GB P3 of one year old, decided that it wasn't going to power on anymore, having tried everything to get a peep out of it, but no signs of life anymore. I don't understand why it did this. I kept it in a hard case for protection, never really dropped it (ok, twice, from my bed to the floor listening to it before bed), I really am flumoxed as to why it's doing this. But the main reason (provided someone doesn't point me out to a good repair shop that can fix it, or a way to fix it myself), is the 32 GB models are impossible to find anymore. *sigh* Murphy's clause, I suppose (If you find a product you really like, they WILL discontinue it.)

So, could you give a guy a hand? I really don't want to let my P3 go just yet, so many good times had with it. Otherwise, could you point me to one that has the great sound, AND supports playlists? Most i've seen in the reviews don't seem too keen on playlists, especially with Windows Media Player (Main reason why I loved the P3: I could add playlists via MTP, and also manually add songs as well.) Please, could you help me out?

jinboy 06-26-2011 05:06 PM

Well, I left the P3 for a Zune HD and I am extremely happy. But that doesn't sound like what you want. (This is actually my first time in the P3 forums in half a year).

markmp3guy 01-26-2012 10:44 AM

I left Samsung after three different players for a Cowon S9 and Microsoft Zune. i'm a happy camper.

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