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shatteredzen 07-06-2011 06:23 AM

New battery = one more thing to get mad about
Hey all,

My Zen of 2 yrs recently died. Before it died (no blue light, no charge, CPU doesn't register it), it kept on freezing, forcing me to reset multiple times.

I just got a replacement battery. Everything's soldered fine, it seems. Don't see any broken wires or components. The thing still refuses to charge.

While I don't have a wall charger, I do have a wall-outlet-USB-adapter that I've tried. No dice. Also got a fresh USB cable. Again, no dice.

Also, about firmware and the like, I've no clue.

Any recs? Help? etc would be much appreciated. Thanks!

chaosdivine 07-14-2011 12:05 AM

Buy a wall charger off of ebay for like 5 bucks. Seriously, at this stage, what do you have to lose? I wouldn't have rushed to replace the battery after two years myself. Once, on a trip to Flordia, I left my player on and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was dead - as in bricked. Couldn't figure it out because I was just using it. I also had a bugger of a time bringing it back to life. I did have my wall charger though but even that plugged in wouldn't bring it back from the dead - UNTIL - I pressed the reset button while plugging the wall adapter in. So you press and hold the reset button and then plug it in. Just like a defibrillator, it shocked it out of its coma. A red lightning bolt of joy appeared on screen while the rest of it was black. The pulsing blue light of hope was blinking joyfully by the power switch too...yay! Back in business...

So ya, sorry, got off track...but go buy a power adapter. If that doesn't work, then huck your player against the wall and laugh like you're on crack - it will make you feel better. You're finally free of Creative!

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