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Carsten 07-06-2011 08:17 AM

where to buy a p3 now

my brother wants a yp-p3 to his birthday.
there is just one problem:

the player has to be new and i haven't any idea where to buy a new one...:confused:

on ebay and amazon (.de, .co.uk, .com) are only used players.:(

does anyone know where i can buy a YP-P3 (16GB) for under 200€
(286 US-$)...

and... there is another problem...: i live in Gemany:D and the shipping and taxes to import the player shouldn't be more than the budget
(including the player).

if not someone may know another player which is as good as the p3
it should have a german interface if possible...

thanks for helping...

RHamil 07-06-2011 05:57 PM

Check Ebay US for a seller ID of amerturk.inc. Last time I checked, he had both 8mb and 16Mb versions new in the Box (I bought mine there). There's also a variety of used ones on there also.

The DarkSide 07-06-2011 06:01 PM

It's 8GB and 16GB, not MB,...and there really isn't any reputable sellers that I see ATM. How about a Cowon J3?

Carsten 07-10-2011 04:05 PM


found one on amazon.de... a silver one... itīs used but in top condition.
just a few updates needed... ;D

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