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rearviewmirror 07-16-2011 01:41 PM

Choosing the P3
I have had a P2 for years now, and I still use it in the car, but 4GB isn't nearly enough, and I'm considering a new MP3 player. My thing is, I already have a phone with upgradeable storage, but the sound quality isn't as good.

I am considering a P3, but I need something that can operate with WMP10, as well as be left in the heat of a car a lot, because my P2 gets this spot where the screen gets this sticky spot in the center when it sees any heat.

Is it worth it to pay for a new one if I'm lucky enough to find one new?
Should I consider a different player that meets my specs?
Should I just use my phone for now?

Thanks, Pete

steinburger1109 07-16-2011 03:14 PM

High heat will be bad for any player, specifically the battery. Try not to do that, though I know it's unavoidable at times. :) Sorry, ATM, I don't have time to recommend, though have you looked into a Cowon J3 or a Sansa Clip+? The J3 is a high end player while the Clip+ is a low-cost, but still very good sounding player.

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