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hikey 08-11-2011 09:09 AM

I9 able to connect to PC, unable to boot up.
Oh gosh, im at my wits end already.

My i9 is able to connect to the wall charger, pc & transfer songs. It is however, unable to power up when i disconnect from a power source.

So far, i've tried to:
1) upgrade the firmware - successful, however, it gets stuck at a black screen after updating. Upon disconnection from power source, i9 simply powers off too.
2) resetting it - which, in essence, doesnt do anything. It remains off.

Could anyone please help me out please? :)

hikey 08-11-2011 09:49 AM

other details....

after the failed reformats, my i9 is detected on my pc as a storage device (as compared to previously, as i9).

I think ive completely screwed it up. :(

WalkGood 08-11-2011 10:25 AM

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hikey 08-12-2011 11:04 AM

I couldnt get it to boot in the test mode. The only thing that happened was when i connected it to the PC and it showed "USB Connected, Battery Full" I cant do anything other than that...

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