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greywarden 08-26-2011 03:06 AM

Just Came in the Mail
Alright, so I just got my D3 in the mail, I had a Sony X-series, but I took a suicidal leap off the top bunk when I was in Iraq a month ago, so I figured I'd order something fancy.

I live in Alaska, but I'm currently in Kuwait and the internet comes from Germany and/or Kuwait (it's wierd, yeah) and I was wondering if I needed to do any updates and make sure the US version was downloaded.

Also, should I format my 32gb Micro SD card on my computer or will the D3 format it?

I've haven't even hooked it up to the computer yet, because I didn't want to fubar anything becuase it would take forever and a day to fix any issues.


greywarden 08-26-2011 07:13 AM

Well I got impatient and it just so happened that everything works flawlessly, other than the internet in this hell-hole, but I can worry about all that stuff down the road.

The sound is close to my HP Laptop with Beats (I don't think it's anything hardware related, it's just annoying, yet somewhat helpful software).

I'll be looking into a Fiio amplifier or something of the like.

sideways 08-26-2011 08:14 AM

I don't own a D3 so I can't give you any specifics on it but I'm curious why the need for an amp? Are you using difficult to drive headphones? Stuff in the 16-80 ohm range should be fine without an external amplifier.

greywarden 08-27-2011 08:34 AM

I was using some Sennheiser HD448s. I can get loud, but I feel like there's something missing, it's probbaly the 95dB SNR versus my laptops 100+dB, so I figured a headphone amp might help.

I picked up some $40 JVC headphones today. The bass is great, kind of heavy, the mids are hot just like I like them, and I acutally had to turn the 13kHz EQ band down a bit, I think my Sennheiser's drivers may have suffered some damage during this 6 month deployment, I'm on the road alot, so all my stuff gets beat up.

Confispect 08-27-2011 04:38 PM

Waiting for impressions.

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