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jollaman999 08-26-2011 10:06 PM

How To Extract M1's ROM Firmware File~!!
If you open M1 or MB1's firmware ROM file in hex editor, you can see 3 files name in upper side.
There are EBOOT.nb0, nk.nb0, YPMB1_APPS.zip.

Rename EBOOT.nb0 to EBOOT.bin, nk.nb0 to nk.bin, YPMB1_APPS.zip to YPMB1_APPS.rar .

If you complete this process save changes and exit hex editor.

Input this fixed ROM file to M1. (If you using MB1 you should working with YP-MB1.rom file.)

Udate firmware, In this process M1 will store EBOOT.bin, nk.bin, YPMB1_APPS.rar files in your storage.

Connect M1 to your computer and rename again to there original file names.
EBOOT.nb0 to EBOOT.nb0, nk.bin to nk.nb0, YPMB1_APPS.rar to YPMB1_APPS.zip

And if you open YPMB1_APPS.zip file with archive tool you can see NandFlash2 folder.
This folder contains M1's application files.
And remember M1's original name is P4.
Yes, p4app.exe is a M1 launcher.
p4app.exe is working with that named p4start.exe, stored in Win CE's Windows folder.

Finally...EBOOT.nb0 and nk.nb0 are Win CE's image files.
With my pool engineering... I can't working with this image files.
(Anyone support for this work...??)

I have been extracted nk.nb0 with dumprom.exe, but it changes to MIPS file.
Sadly...M1's Win CE is a ARM based operating system.
But I think dll files not distinguish between ARM and MIPS.
Only exe files must it.

I am Korean user, activating in one of my favorite cafe.(simillar with forum)
http://cafe.naver.com/ypt9 (jollaman999/M1 user)

We will waiting for your nice work with theese files.
Thanks for read it~:)

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