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Phen0m 09-11-2011 02:02 PM

Big problem installing RockBox!
Hi there!

I just discovered that RockBox was actually working on Sansa Fuze and then wanted to give it a try.
My 8gb Sansa Fuze is in v1.
I read the instrucion manual of RockBox for Sansa Fuze, downloaded the latest RockBox Utility, switched my Sansa to MSC and set up the bootloader. Everything was fine so far.

Next, I was ready to install RockBox using the non-automated method because the "Complete installation" and "Minimal Installation” buttons were not avalaible for an unknown reason.
So, I made this... but it suddenly failed: I didn't have enough disk space on my Sansa Fuze. I made a log of the failure history.

Because of this, the problems are now legion: I tried to uninstall using RockBox and I only managed to remove the bootloader; I can't free space as all my music are only avalaible on MTP; I don't manage to re-update manually my firmware; RockBox is still on my Sansa (why??) and, thus, I can't switch back to MTP; I think I've been hardly owned by that shitty RockBox.

I can still put a uSD card if necessary.

So, please, tell me you can help me otherwise I might soon jump out of the window.

(... Well, maybe not.)

Phen0m 09-11-2011 03:55 PM

I'm done.
After a few hours of research, I managed to manually install RockBox and it resolved the problem...
Woa, what a relief.
And yes, RockBox is effectivly awesome.

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