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Evaldas 09-29-2011 11:06 AM

Dropped my ZEN :(
Hi. I've had this player for about 2.5 years, during this time I dropped it a few times but nothing happened to it, it worked normal. Today it fell hard on concrete... While it was falling it was locked, so I picked it up and I wasn't able to unlock it (the blue light glowing). Then with a pin I reseted it, it showed "Creative" and "ZEN" screens, then the menu loaded, I pressed a button (I think it was UP button), the screen went black (but still with backlight) and the blue light of the power button was still working, I reseted it again and the same story, and then reseted it again and again... and now it goes through Creative and ZEN screens and the screen is black (again - with backlight)... And I'm not able to connect it to my computer anymore....
Throw it out? Or is there any way to fix it????

WalkGood 09-29-2011 11:13 AM

Doubt itís worth fixing as some hardware may have broken, but you should check out if it still connects and if re-firmware could help but doubtful IMO. Donít throw it out, it could always be sold off for parts via ebay.

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