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Cuddlepaws 09-29-2011 01:37 PM

x-fi (player and function) impressions
hi all, i've had my x-fi 2 for over a year now and had a decent pair of cans a couple of month back so i guess i fiddled around with the player until i found my personal best settings....

x-fi crystalizer and expand were on and at max settings until a few weeks back and i turned them off and boy was i surprised with the difference... expand seems to mess up with soundstaging and it was hard for me to pick up where instruments were (as i read here, there was no reason to leave it on so i turned down this setting first). crystalizer on the other hand "fixes errors in mastering" or so i've heard and while it does improve the sound on some recordings i found out after turning it off that it makes my music tinny and dry. also a bonus to turning these x-fi functions off is battery life and improved scroll speed when navigating through massive playlists.

bass boost in the audio settings is always on for me, eq on flat and smart volume off...
headphones used were shure srh840 + fiio e5 (needs a tad more juice and also makes volume control a breeze compared to the touchscreen)

overall, they're good as far as DAPs go but they still have a lot of room for improvement, i just hope creative's newer releases have learned from x-fi 2s shortcomings as i really dislike apple and sansa/cowon players are not available in my country...

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