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greamesmithy 10-04-2011 04:11 AM

YP-P3 JNB/XEU connection/battery issues.
Hi folks,

My little P3 is playing up.
When connected via USB, the "Charging Mode" changed and the unit would still play. The battery was completley drained but when pluged in to USB It will carry on playing. Therefore it's drawing power through the lead. So I assumed the lead was OK. I took the thing apart and removed the battery and unfortunatly broke the connector to the circuit board. I need to get a new battery. Can any body advise on whether either of the following links refer to a battery that will physicall fit. Mines the 32gb model YP-P3 JNB/XEU. The ones i've seen seem to be for the P3's with smaller memories. Does it make a difference?

Ebay Link

Amazon Link

Once I replace the battery I'll try a new lead.


pgh1969pa 10-07-2011 01:22 PM

I seriously doubt that there is a difference in battery capacity between an 8 and 32 gb P3. Regardless of memory capacity, the battery is the same. The battery is the same for all capacities.

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