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gridman 10-28-2011 07:37 PM

Zen not being recognized/wont turn on
Sup guys

My 32gb zen has been on the fritz for a while now. I havent been able to turn it on or get my computer to recognize it.

When i plug it in, it turns on and loads up to the last song that was being played and i can listen to music off it like that. However, my computer doesnt recognize it as being plugged in as in i cant explore files on the player or use the firmware upgrade to upgrade it. Further more when I unplug it from its USB it just instantly turns off.

Reset button doesnt seem to do anything when its plugged in to the comp or not. Ive reset its settings from the system menu while it was on in the computer but it always ends up reverting back to the old settings after it shuts off when you unplug it from the computer.

Any ideas on how to fix this / whats causing this?

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