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MoonProject 11-06-2011 07:12 AM

Cowon X7 freezes copying cover.jpg
Hello all,

I had the following problem and found this solution:

- Cowon X7 with 2.08, put recently lynx, leaf, sense, but error was before of that

While copying files "cover.jpg", by an unknown reason, the X7 freezes in main screen "updating database". Absolute nonsense, as it was connected to USB and copying files.

I formatted the flash (copy againg the firmware to flash!) and the hdd, then went into System/Info -> format here again the hdd. Started to copy again all the music to the hdd. Again the error with certain cover.jpg.

So I started some tests, and found out, that only some jpg cause the failure.

My workaround:
Rename the ending jpg to bmp. Copied again the error-file (one of a lot) to the X7-hdd. It worked. Now all files have ending bmp (or what you like). When copying is finished, I will rename them on the X7 hdd back to jpg.

When the files are on the X7-hdd, and the Cowon starts to update the database, I don't think, that it will hang, because the same strange files had already been on the X7.

Hope this helps those with the same problem.

Best regards,

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