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imageraw 11-07-2011 08:59 AM

Sony A865 - cover album doesn't show (?)
apologies if this issue has already been addressed - I can't find info on it:

on Ubuntu, I drag&drop music folders into "Music" in my Sony A865. Each folder includes a .jpg cover album image.

I thought that this image would show on the walkman as I select + play the album/music folder. It doesn't. Do you know if there's a special folder where art covers need to be stored in?

thank you

skip252 11-07-2011 09:12 AM

Album art needs to be embedded to display on my Sonys. I use EasyTag for that in Linux.

I make sure the .jpgs are no more than 500 x 500 and less than 100 kb. They need to be baseline, not progressive. I get most of my from images from Amazon. As long as I stay away from some of the larger user supplied images they have all worked OK.

imageraw 11-07-2011 01:43 PM

Sony A865 - cover album doesn't show (?)
EasyTag looks good - can't figure out how to add the album cover, though...

...select all files>scanner>rename files>%n - %a - %t>???

what's the % value for album cover art?

in addition: each track has two/three images associated with it (cover, creativecommons, jamendo, etc). Just a thought...

skip252 11-07-2011 03:29 PM

It's been a while since I set up Easytag so my first thought was "Scanner? What Scanner?" Then when I checked my current settings and told the Scanner to start with the program. When it did I remembered the headache that thing was.:mad: I turned it off long time ago and do everything from the browser and the tagging panels. The only change from the default settings I made was to tell it to only write ID3v2 tags.

I use the browser to select the folder I want to work with and highlight all the files once it's read them.Then I make any changes in the panel on the left side. If you keep an eye on the log at the bottom as you experiment you can see what changes you are about to make. Basically all you do is make the change then hit the radio button on the right side of the pane to confirm the change. You can strip the extra artwork, remove any comments or messages from a Jamendo album in a few seconds once you get the hang of it. If you aren't confident in your changes just leave the confirmations active. Until you give the final OK nothing happens.

I wanted to add that I don't use Linux anywhere near as much as Windows. I've found a few programs that let me do the basics while I'm there. There may be something else that's available that's more powerful or intuitive. I just did a short search for a tagger that could embed AA and Easytag came up quite a bit. It's entirely possible that if you look around you'll find something that's more to your taste.

tienbasse 11-07-2011 04:15 PM

You can also embed jpg pictures into your mp3 files using MP3Tag extremely easily.
No difficult set up, works like a charm on my A847.
As skip252 mentioned, don't go too much above 500*500 and 100kb, it will still work above but will slow down picture loading.

skip252 11-07-2011 04:55 PM

I got Mp3tag to run under Wine in Linux but the experience wasn't great for me. As much as I like it in Windows I've found Linux native apps to work better for tagging. I started to fiddle around with Kid3 and liked the look and feel of it but I was already set with EasyTag.

Kid3 is one of those understated looking programs that has any number of powerhouse features once you start to look into them a bit. Album art lookup, Musicbrainz features and the ability to tag just about any format you can imagine would have me looking at that if I needed more tagging capabilty in Linux.

Once again though, I'm no Linux expert. I just mentioned what I've used that works well for me. If you're going to be working with your music in Linux I'd do more research to find what works well for you.

WalkGood 11-07-2011 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by tienbasse (Post 583268)
You can also embed jpg pictures into your mp3 files using MP3Tag extremely easily. ...

I'd be the first to agree with you, but the OP is using Ubuntu (linux distro) per his fist post, so skip's solution seems better in this case.

ishel 03-23-2012 10:15 AM

Refer to my answer here for how to address this using Media Go - it works great for me, though it took me 24 hours to get there.

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