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malina 11-09-2011 06:00 PM

Recover Mode - more info, what to do?
I read the basic info about recovery mode, I'm just looking for more detailed information and advice.

My last player worked wonderfully for 4 years and then started acting a little funny. A few months ago I got a refurbished player on ebay and it's been mostly great but today for the second time it has turned on in "recovery mode" - i did not drop it, nothing strange had happened earlier. I simply turned it on and that's what I saw on the screen. Last time this happened I simply turned it off and a few hours later I tried turning it on again and it was back to normal.

This time:

Reboot did nothing.
"Clean Up" asks me if I'm sure and then it says "Scan Disc..." and just stays on that screen. I gave it about 20 minutes, assuming it's stuck - can anyone tell me how long the "clean up" function is supposed to take?

I have not tried the other two options yet as formatting would take forever to get all the stuff back on my player (but I'll do it if that's what you recommend) and reloading firmware I'm a little scared to do since I've never done it and I'm afraid I might get lost in the process.


malina 11-09-2011 10:49 PM

Update: I tried "Format All" and was told "Harddisc Problem"

Is there any hope with trying the firmware route?

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