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Pengin 11-23-2011 10:12 PM

Mixed Up Tags in Wrong Folders.
Okay, so I fixed all my other issues from before and my x7 has been working like a dream until yesterday.
I've noticed that in particular folders, songs are being mislabelled as something else, (e.g--> I am listening to my folder of Frank Zappa, some songs are properly tagged yet others, while still playing the correct song are labelled as something entirely different from a whole other folder, like Aphex Twin, so I'm hearing Frank Zappa yet my screen is telling me I'm listening to Aphex Twin) I have checked all folders, nothing has gone wacky, just when I listen to specific artists.... I haven't renamed anything, and use mp3tag to correctly name/tag things. I tried re-synching my library, updating everything, yet nothing seems to fix it... no idea whats going on... any help???

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