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murrayfungus 12-06-2011 04:18 PM

Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Big Audio Files
Does anyone use their iAudio for podcasts, audiobooks, and big audio files?

I only use my iAudio in my car. I like to listen to podcasts which are formatted in a single 2 hour audio file.

However, every time I power down, the iAudio loses track of my progress in the audio file. I am left to fast forward from the start to the place I left off (if I remember where). This involves holding down the fast forward button for very long periods of time. It's completely inconvenient. I have given up trying to listen to podcasts on it for this reason.

I used to have an iPod nano, where I could rapidly slide forward and backward on large files using the tracking arrows. I was wondering if there is some functionality similar to this which is evading me?

If not, I really cannot recommend this player to anyone who listens to audio files longer than 15 minutes.

robdean 12-06-2011 05:33 PM

In [Settings] -> [Music] I guess you have 'Resume' set to 'On'? I haven't tried it much myself.

You can at least, in the same place in settings, increase the 'Seek Interval', which will make fast forward progress more quickly.

Alternatively, before powering down you could hold down 'Play' on the touchpad until the menu icons pop up and choose 'Bookmark'. Resume later by looking up and selecting the bookmark: pop up the menu icons from within the file/ID3 browser (rather than the 'Now Playing' screen) to see the icon which takes you to the list of bookmarks you've created.

murrayfungus 12-06-2011 05:41 PM

Thanks! I totally overlooked that settings section. Pretty easy to get lost in the maze of folders. This should work!

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