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propagandhi 12-08-2011 04:06 AM

proper album art size and side border color
two things, first what are the best/proper dimensions for album art(for audiobooks if it matters) and second, is there a way to get the side borders around said album art to always be black? I've messed around with all different sizes of pics even adding my own black borders to take up the whole screen area but they always get re-sized and the dread white border is yet again present. just tonight i found if i left the genre blank in my editor (tag&rename) for a particular audiobook the border was black, but with a genre(any genre) the border was white. however, if there's no genre i cant use EQ or anything else on it. small but completely frustrating. thanks for the help, before i buy my next mp3 player i am so going to check with you all first!!!

HaloNachos117 12-10-2011 01:06 PM

I have found that, for music, 240x240 is pretty close to what the Fuze+ uses. When in doubt, go larger until you get the desired size. Please note that the Fuze+ wants images with a 1x1 aspect ratio. This means that the vertical resolution should be the same as the horizontal resolution.

Also, sometimes if you change images in MSC mode, the player doesn't realize this, so it somehow displays the old images even though the old image has been deleted. A good remedy for this is to use MTP mode if possible. Or, you could delete some of the system files off the root directory, and let them be regenerated by the firmware, although this could take as long as 5-10 minuets.

I think I should tell you I've never used this thing for audio books, but I'm not sure that makes any real difference.

Good luck.

propagandhi 12-12-2011 08:43 AM

hey thanks halonachos1117 the 240x240 works well, it never even crossed my mind to try a 1x1 ratio, should have thought of that one! and you're luck you've never used it for audiobooks it's a real pain.

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