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bcwilliams 12-22-2011 08:03 AM

how remove music from S545?
I have one recorded CD that for some reason was recorded twice on my Walkman. I want to remove that album completely from my S545. So I connected it to the USB, went to Windows Explorer, and deleted the file. It is gone from Explorer, but still on my S545 two times. Then I went into the Walkman shortcut on the taskbar and deleted it there. But it is still on my S545 two times. At no time did I see the Exclamation point icon on the Walkman showing that it was transferring data to and from my computer. What am I doing wrong in trying to remove a music file from my Walkman?

Just Some Guy 12-22-2011 12:06 PM

Odd. Sounds like a database issue on the player.

Worst case, you just back everything up and reset the Walkman and put it back on.

Now, you say you "recorded on your Walkman"... did you use any program to do so? Because if you did, that might be why you couldn't remove it through windows explorer. You might want to try using the program you used for sending the music to it instead.

There's this whole thing about MTP and MSC that makes windows unable to see and edit files on some devices, but basically, if you used a program to put the music on, you need that program to take them off.

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