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maarij 01-01-2012 11:05 PM

Wheel and pause button are fairly unresponsive
The play/pause button on my fuze has pretty much stopped working. The scroll wheel struggles to work at times (if nothing is pressed and the screen is black, turning the wheel won't get the light to come on, I have to press another button and then the wheel will come on). The other buttons work but don't do anything when pressed at times.

The blue light around the scroll wheel has also almost faded completely and is dead from one side.

I think it's either a battery or mechanical issue (not firmware, I have the latest one installed anyways...2....33). The batter on the player is fairly bad now since it's about 3 yrs old. So can someone recommend me a guide on hwo to open it and fix the wheel specifically (not just a general diassembly guide) and also a place where I can get a new batter for fairly cheap (shipping to Canada)?


jsc315 01-18-2012 12:56 AM

I recently just made a response to an old thread about the wheel not moving well. This may help you out. Check it out here. http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum...t=56715&page=2

It will be the last reply.

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