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Ike1 01-04-2012 05:33 PM

How sturdy is E465? Best way to protect from drops?
I just got a 16 GB Sony NWZ-E465 and I'm enjoying it a lot so far (well, except that it crashes Winamp on my computer, but that's another story). But I'm klutzy and I'm worried I'll drop it. I've damaged and destroyed iPods in the past that way. How sturdy is this thing? I can't find a hard case anywhere online for it. :( A silicon (rubber) case isn't going to do the trick, is it? Better than nothing? I hate those things but I guess I don't have a choice? Wrapping rubber bands around it wouldn't be any more ugly than those nasty rubber cases, and maybe even less ugly (except of course, that partly blocks the buttons and screen if done length-wise). I wish I could find a clear hard plastic case for it.

I presume the E436 hard cases will NOT work because the dimensions are different, yes? The E436 is significantly shorter than the E465, right?

Advice or suggestions?

Questdelsangraal 01-28-2012 04:46 PM

I am just using the black rubber case I picked up as part of a cheap accessory bundle from Amazon. Works fine and covered the screen with protective plastic sheeting using on camera screens, cell phones, etc...

I like this little Walkman. The sound is quite good and loud.
Battery life is about 38 hours and it charges fast enough for my use.

The only thing I would change on it if I could would be to move the headphone jack from the bottom to the top of the player.

GreasyTacoAficionado 01-28-2012 07:16 PM

I have the e355, which is a little shorter than the e340 series.
If you want a silicon case it is worth getting the official one from sony so that it fits properly and give you access to the hold switch on the side. If you don't use the hold switch and put it in your pocket I can guarantee you a button will get pushed skipping your song or podcast, which is very annoying. Sony obviously moves the hold switch around to try and sell their own silicon cases. I think I paid $20 USD for mine. It works fine, but it is kind of ugly, and grime gets inside it. After a few weeks I took it off and never put it back on. I just use the clear screen protector that came with it. You can buy generic screen clear screen protectors for mobile phones or mp3 players for quite cheap.

I find a simple phone case on a clip is handy when going for a run or something.


Questdelsangraal 02-28-2012 06:57 PM

I am also using the cheap rubber case that came with an accessory kit Amazon.com sells.

So far it has protected my E465 just fine.

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